Adam Levine Told Gwen Stefani How to Pronounce 'Colbert Report' But It Didn't Help — VIDEO

Surely you remember how Gwen Stefani became the John Travlota of the Emmys when she pronounced Stephen Colbert's name as "Colbore," but did you know that Adam Levine is responsible for helping her pronounce Colbert's name before the mispronunciation debacle? Levine, all good looks and charm as per usual, discussed on The Tonight Show how he attempted to aid Stefani with her pronunciation skills. Lesson learned: don't go to Levine for your pronunciation lessons.

OK, OK, Levine isn't all to blame — Levine claims that Stefani was super nervous to present at the Emmys and that she also assumed Colbert's name was pronounced Col-bert. Levine was coaching Stefani before they presented, and then he asserts that she got so nervous, she fell victim to "marble mouth."

Now, Levine says that this might have happened because people like him and Stefani don't do stuff like that — you know, present at the Emmys — so frequently, and that it's nerve wracking, so her gaffe was understandable. But don't these guys perform in front of enormous audiences regularly? Eh, whatever. Emmys can get the best of people.

Now what Levine doesn't tell us was whether he was mansplaining to Stefani or not. Was he really helping... or was he just being obnoxious? Was THAT why Stefani cracked?

While that's up for debate, you can watch Levine recount the tale to Jimmy Fallon below.