Rita Ora Does An Adidas Twitter Chat And Spills On Some Of The Best Stuff From Her Upcoming Collection

The second installment of Rita Ora's collaboration with Adidas is coming very soon (they're divided into "packs": the Pastel Pack and the Colour Block Pack debut tomorrow, with the Rose Pack and the Spray Pack still to come) and as such, she did a little Twitter takeover Wednesday morning (or rather, evening in her timezone) to stir interest. The collection — which features those quirky kind of never-knew-they-existed-but-now-you-NEED-them pieces like pastel bombers with textured avian-inspired sleeves, black leggings with sheer neon color blocks (they're like Sesame Street on crack, and I mean that in the best way possible), and punky black athletic wear — is quite cool in its own right, and each piece bears her signature edgy flair.

She took to the adidas Originals handle with aplomb and did some rapid-fire Q&As — burning through about a question per minute (which was, interestingly enough, the same exact speed with which Mindy Kaling completed her Birchbox twinterview. These ladies can tweet fast!). Ora kept mostly on topic: I was secretly hoping for tangents and digressions, but it was still interesting to hear a sort of behind-the-scenes tell-all about her first-ever foray into designing and the accompanying perks. Let's take a look at some of her best answers:

On her top picks from the collection:

That is one cool jacket (though personally, I'm gunning for those neon Big Bird meets Dr. Seuss meets Rita Ora leggings).

On her favorite pack:

The rose pack might just be my top pick, too. How about you?

On her sartorial influences...

Madonna, Marilyn — and in case you didn't get it the first time — Mum:

Moms always deserve a shout-out.

... And the influences behind the black pack, in particular:

International travel with a little school girl flair thrown in? Awesome.

...And of course, the ever-present inspiration she gets from fans:

Incidentally, before today, I had no idea her fans were called "Ritabots."

On the sense of pride that comes with being a designer:

Aww. Also:

Images: adidasOriginals/Twitter