Every Mumford & Sons Song Sounds The Same & Here's Proof — VIDEO

OK, so maybe Mumford & Sons retired their banjos (remember when Mumford and Sons said even they were sick of the banjo?) but their few select chords and cries live on. Pull out your beanie and grow your beard, because Dion Beary has given us every Mumford & Sons songs in a minute and 14 seconds. He calls it, "Every Mumford And Sons Song Basically," and he describes it aptly, as "pretty much." He is so right. This is the complete collection of Mumford & Sons.

Because let's face it — even if you were the sort of human who would gather your friends on a roof top on a late summer eve, adorned in your pashminas, drinking beers and laughing and hugging because #friendship and #music — ya gotta admit, Mumford & Sons do have a signature (er, repetitive) sound. But hey, it worked for them! They were a pretty successful group! But maybe that's why they had to hang up their banjos for the time being — perhaps they realized that their fans wanted a brand new chord or — dare I say it — more than the banjo?

Check out the video below. It's a very solid example of "it's funny... because it's true."

Image: Dion Beary/YouTube