Why Is 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson Still Getting Airtime?

Looks like someone's quacking up again... OK, got that one out of my system. It's impossible NOT to make duck puns when talking about members of the Robertson family, curiously famous for their weirdo, runaway hit Duck Dynasty about their million dollar duck call business. Phil Robertson, the family's patriarch, is no stranger to controversy, and he's back. Sean Hannity welcomed Robertson, his "friend," to his show, presumably to chat about Robertson's new book UnPHILtered: The Way I See It (not gonna lie, great use of wordplay), but during the conversation, Robertson had some words of... er, wisdom, to offer about the Islamic militant terrorist group ISIS. His take? "Covert them or kill them."

His source for his action? The Bible, of course, a copy of which he brought along to Hannity's set (and for good measure, he uses the Declaration of Independence as a bookmark. Hammer it home). "All who hate me love death," Robertson cited, going on to say that converting or killing are the only options to deal with ISIS. Yes, let's take on a radical religious group with more radical religion! The irony is almost as rich as Robertson's beard.

But, like I mentioned, it's not his first brush with extremism; late last year in a GQ interview, Robertson compared homosexuality to bestiality, which led to a suspension at his show's network, A&E. Then, again, he clung to the Bible as his justification. So why is he still a talking head? Why is he still getting book deals if he's so brazen with his crazy? Unfortunately, since Robertson, with his wacky accent and rugged beard, is the such a caricature, he's allowed to voice opinions that Islam leads to terrorism because of radical groups like ISIS, and that homosexuals are sinners. He's given a platform on a national news network shows like Hannity's, and even in print in his book, and the reality is, he has an audience. Just because he looks like a nut, doesn't mean others aren't influenced by or share his opinions, and giving him airtime is just fueling the staunch, radically conservative fire.