Luke Bryan Falls Off Stage Again But These 8 Other Singers Have Done the Same — VIDEOS

Third time's the charm for country singer Luke Bryan who fell off his stage again on Saturday marking the third time he's done so this year. The first time happened in February, then again in May, and finally (hopefully) on Aug. 30 during his Farm Tour. This most recent time he wasn't even dancing or singing, he was just trying to catch a water bottle someone had tossed him and miscalculated where the edge of the stage was.

After three tumbles he must be used to the situation because he just hopped right back on stage to finish out his show. Later on Twitter he proved he has a sense of humor about the whole thing writing, "All good here. No bumps or bruises. Our stage is different in every amp. Little stage variations. Hell I gotta just pay more attention."

But Bryan shouldn't feel too bad, he's not the only performer not to pay attention while on stage. Really it's kind of a compliment to the audience that the singer gets so into the show that they don't even watch where they're going. But before we see 8 other stars who have also taken an unplanned step off stage, let's watch all three of Luke Bryan's accidental slips.

The first comes at about 30 seconds in:

Here's his second fall:

And finally his most recent misstep:

But don't worry, Luke, you're in good company with these other stage divers.


Just last week the "Fancy" singer stepped off stage during her rendition of the hit song. Later she posted the video to Instagram hashtagging that she'd #StillFinishedtheSongTho and #KeptOnRapping.


The Beatles legend gave fans a fright during a 2010 show in Brazil when he fell walking into the wings.


See, Luke Bryan shouldn't fee embarrassed at all. He's not the only repeat offender when it comes to falling at concerts. During a 2012 tour stop in St. Louis, Missouri, McCartney tripped running down the steps on stage. He popped back up though and kept dancing like the pro he is.


The Aerosmith frontman was dancing when he accidentally stepped off the stage in 2009. Unlike most stars, he wasn't able to just get right back up and ended up being hospitalized for minor head and neck injuries.


Even Queen Bey has fallen on stage. During her 2009 tour she somersaulted down the steps but got back on her feet like a champ to keep singing. Also, someone tell me how she makes falling down stairs look graceful?


The best part of her 2010 fall is that she navigated the stairs in heels with total ease and then fell on the flat stage.


In 2008 he seemed to slip on something as he was running on stage. Fortunately he was fine and continued on with the show.


#PoorMichelle, she just can't catch a break.

Images: paulloveslinda/Tumblr; Us Weekly