"Run Walter, RUN!!" Video Shows What Happens When You Strap A GoPro To Your Dog

Thanks to GoPro, the camera you can wear or mount, pretty much anyone can be a filmmaker — even your pet. A man in Sicily recently tested this theory by attaching a GoPro to his dog, which resulted "Run Walter, RUN!!": the directorial debut of Walter, the Labrador retriever.

In the video, posted on Twisted Sifter, you can watch Walter sprint through gorgeous Siracusa, Sicily, jump into the the Mediterranean Sea, and take a quick dip. The best part? It's entirely from his perspective — or, should I say, the perspective of the GoPro on his back. According to ABC News, Walter's owner, Simone Sciumbata, received the camera for his birthday, and decided to try it out on his furry friend first. After strapping it to Walter's collar, Sciumbata let him off for his "daily run" to the beach. The results feel like some sort of dog-themed video game, take a look:

Now, this isn't the first time someone has attempted to see what life is like from an animal's point of view. A few weeks ago, Kama the surfing pig, starred in a similar GoPro-style video — however this time, the camera was strapped to the front of his owner's surfboard to better capture the incredible thing that is an animal engaging in vigorous water sports. Obsessed with Kama? You should meet Whisper, the base-jumping dog, who you can watch mid-jump (from his GoPro view, of course) in this video. There's also the SharkCam, or a "shark-stalking camera," which is essentially a swimming robotic device with a GoPro attached to it that scientists can use to observe sharks, very safely, from a distance. The possibilities seem to be endless when it comes to these nifty little cameras.

Oh, but there's more. Ever wonder what the world looks like from your vibrator's perspective? Probably not, but I bet you are now! Thanks to the camera-equipped Gaga vibrator, you can see, well, everything.

Too far? Let's get back to dogs.

Interested in filming life from your dog's perspective? Though Sciumbata used a regular ol' GoPro for Walter's video, the company actually makes a product specially designed for (wo)man's best friend. For the low, low price of $60 (not kidding, that's actually cheap for a camera), your dog can be a filmmaker, just like Walter, with the GoPro Fetch: a camera + harness designed for your dog. Technology, guys.

Not going to lie, I can't wait to see what people do next with this thing. We've attached it to humans and animals, and straight up put one in a sex toy, but what else can we do with the power of a teeny, tiny, user-friendly camera?!

Image: Sciu89/YouTube