His New Album Will Feature a Song With Drake

When Usher dropped the video for his latest single "She Came to Give it To You," I felt like it was a complete snoozefest. The song itself isn't the worse—I mean, it's catchy enough to make you want to do a cute little two-step or even get into some rhythmic shoulder movement, that is, if you can get past some of the song's questionable lyrics. Anyway, here's to hoping he can redeem himself with his next musical offering because Drake will be featured on Usher's new album.

Ever since Usher dropped his uber successful Confessions album in 2004, fans have anticipated a follow-up to the collection of juicy jams, but it never quite arrived. Since Drake has been known to get quite candid with his lyrics, addressing everything from family issues to relationships gone sour to how he loves Jennifer Lawrence, maybe he can convince Usher to go back to letting us all up in his business—I mean, um, delivering us another soap-opera like album of great music that expertly blurs the line between truth and reality.

As far as what a Drake and Usher song will entail specifically, I imagine it'll be filled to the brim with shit talking and an obligatory shout-out to their haters. It might quite possibly go down in history as one of the most cocky R&B/rap features we've heard in a while. Neither of them has ever been shy about expressing their appreciation for the female physique on song, and judging by the way Usher was completely mesmerized by Kim Kardashian's butt at the VMAs, I just know this song will have something to do with the ladies and how hot we are. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Oooh, but the video, now that's what I'm looking forward to. Sure it hasn't been confirmed that whatever song Drake is featured on will be a single with a video release, but play along with me. I hope and wish upon a star that Usher convinces Drake to try his hand at some choreography. Nothing too complicated, but it must be something much more impressive than that corny Wheelchair Jimmy dance move. Usher, don't let this happen and we'll be cool, OK?

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