Usher's "She Came to Give it To You" Features an Uncharacteristically Tame Nicki Minaj — VIDEO

By now, everyone's probably heard that Usher released the video for "She Came to Give it To You." Just as the smooth singer does in most of his music videos, he's working his signature "woo a girl on the dance floor" element to perfection. While I can completely see how the song's lyrics rival "Blurred Lines" in the running for the creepiest thing ever written award, their salvation comes in the form of a Nicki Minaj feature, which can provide CPR for any lifeless song and hasten the pulse of a tune that already rocks. However, Minaj's appearance in this video comes off as uncharacteristically tame. Perhaps it's because I haven't quite moved past the abundance of booty in the "Anaconda" video or Minaj's scene-stealing VMAs performances that were made even more captivating by the fact that her dress attempted some show-stopping choreography of its own, but Minaj's appearance in "She Came to Give it To You" is a stark difference from what I'm used to seeing. Sure, it's Usher's song, so a full-on Minaj exhibition would've been strange, but the video could've used some of Minaj's energy, like the strait jacket, Freddie Krueger nail-wearing character she played in Ludacris' "My Chick Bad" video, or the super sexy vixen side she showed off in her other Usher collaboration "Lil Freak."

Overall, "She Came to Give it To You" is an average video, but this downplayed version of Minaj didn't really do much to make it more exciting. I guess it would've been a little awkward if she attempted to turn an Usher video into Anaconda 2.0, but still, where was Nicki's flare? Was she sick?

Check out "She Came to Give it To You" below: