Too Many Fish, Even In Smalltown 'Dixie'

Hear me out, guys. Just because Hart of Dixie Season 4 may be the final one, and just because Zoe is nearly confirmed to be pregnant at some point doesn’t mean that everything will be fine and dandy for Zoe and Wade. Zoe’s got commitment issues that have broken up every relationship she’s been in thus far, and though I’d love me some Wade and Zoe action, I’m not convinced that it will all work out. From starters, Zoe has proved herself a catalyst for destruction in her own romantic relationships, from George to Wade to Joel and back to Wade. Her problem is that she’s addicted to the chase and can’t keep her eyes on one man at a time.

Right now, Zoe is in chase mode. She left us with the notion that will do whatever it takes to get Wade back, for however long it takes. But once she gets him back, it is only a matter of time before she gets bored and moves on. Or worse, keeps her feelings in her subconscious and hiccups through the entire honeymoon phase of the relationship she fought so hard for. Keep it together for the fans' sake, Dr. Hart; that honeymoon phase with Wade is crucial.

Unfortunately, there are too many potential triangles threatening to form in the coming season. For one thing, George is on a mission to confess his love to Lemon and I'm not so sure Zoe will be thrilled about that. George was Zoe's original Alabama crush and she only fell into Wade's bed on account of George being engaged to Lemon. Zoe loves a man who's unavailable, and even more-so when his eyes are on another belle.

Following suit, Zoe used New York as an excuse to escape her heartbreak over Wade, therefore dubbing her most recent boyfriend, Joel, a shield. In other words, Zoe was never able to keep only Joel in mind, the same way she hadn't with George or Wade. In the midst of her supposedly serious relationship with Joel, Zoe stalks both Wade's fake relationship with Lemon and his real one with Vivian. Subtlety is not her strong point — there's no way she was doing that for her cousin's sake.

You may say that it'll work out in the end because Wade is clearly her endgame, but you can't say it was fair to all the guys she dragged along down the line. Who's to say Wade won't be her newest victim? Maybe it's Wade's turn again to be uncertain of Zoe's commitment.

It could be her jealousy of Lemon, it could be her baby-daddy issues, or it could be the third potential love triangle for Zoe (that new, hot doctor played by Ian Anthony Dale is coming to town) that causes Zade's downfall. Drama, drama, drama is on its way, y'all.

So, while Zoe and Wade may very well be the endgame for Hart of Dixie, Zoe is a one-woman-wrecking ball who is bound to crush all of our hopes and dreams for a functional Zade reunion — at least until she gets her act together.

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