These Lady Gaga Eau De Gaga Images Are Fierce, Femme, And Maybe Even A Little Bit Feminist

Just when I thought Lady Gaga couldn't be any more fierce, she goes and redefines that notion just a bit. Information about Lady Gaga's second unisex fragrance Eau De Gaga, out in January, are finding their way onto the interwebs and in front of our eyes in parsed out fashion. Haus Laboratories, the operation behind Lady Gaga's perfumes, revealed the sleek, lacquered, "not really female but not really male, either" bottle. The notes include lime and leather. While there are almost four months to go until Eau De Gaga gets the sniff test IRL, the Gaga team is keeping the fragrance top of mind, either by accident, on purpose, or through crafty Little Monsters gaining access to details and generously sharing it.

Some shots and outtakes from the Steven Klein photo shoot for the scent landed online and they feature Gaga in a champagne-colored frock with two bodice panels. She's also wearing her signature necksnapper heels. Nothing new there, right?

She is also surrounded by buff, hard-bodied dudes, all of which have their, well, paws up, like any good Little Monster. There are some chiseled abs and good looking men surrounding Gaga, but all eyes are on her. It's not too different from her also-fierce Fame perfume ads, which saw Lilliputian-like men crawling on her body.

These images are also fierce and femme, but in a much softer way, since Gaga is lithe and almost ethereal.

She is the centerpiece and that which all eyes feast upon. Bow down, bitches, to borrow a phrase from her "Telephone" pal Beyonce.

As for the images being a little feminist? Well, that's because Gaga projects a quiet strength and dominance while surrounded by men. Being a strong woman does not always mean being loud, boisterous, or noticed through making a racket. How you carry yourself and project the strength with a look or a movement is equally as powerful.

In these pics, Gaga is not presented as a thing for the men to conquer. They are magnetically drawn to her, like a goddess. Since the term, notion, and concept of feminism means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, whether or not you see these images as female-empowered depends on your frame of reference and your perspective. I see a woman in charge and who appears to be the center of this universe in a subtle way, and to me, that's a supremely feminist notion.

Although it's a unisex scent, it does lean a bit towards the female side of things and the notion of the strong woman in the imaging and marketing so far. Personally, I can't wait to give it a spritz.

Images: Twitter (2)