Spotify's PMS Playlist Has Songs From Your Every Menstrual Mood

Jason Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It seems Spotify has truly committed to its growing list of playlists for any occasion. Stuck in a train station overnight? They’ve got you covered. Need a track list for that free continental breakfast in your hotel lobby? Done. Curled in the fetal position while holding a heating pad to your uterus? They’ve got one for that too. Spotify’s Sophia Olofsson curated a PMS Playlist that throws a little humor into the mix with a list of tracks that includes, among others, Beyonce’s "Ring The Alarm," Robyn’s "Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do," and "I Hate Everyone" by Go Set Go. You get the idea.

Olofsson told The Cut that she can't stand cheesy, cheeky music when she has PMS. "The songs we put in the playlist have the right balance of attitude and emotions, they make you feel better or sometimes worse, but without pushing your buttons."

I for one am less likely to find humor in the fire-breathing devil woman stereotype while I’m "riding the crimson wave," which is why I originally had a big ol' eye roll for the playlist that markets itself as "songs that you need to hear those days when you cannot stop crying, eating, or yelling at the ones who deserve it the least." Truthfully though, I’d be lying if I told you any number of those things have not occurred. The kind folks over at Jezebel seem to share the sentiment and have continued to build on what they’ve dubbed "The Ultimate PMS Playlist."

"What shall I listen to while I curse my womanhood?" said no one on her period ever. Although I do know some who would sympathize with the below suggestion during that time of the month.

Image: kingqueer/Tumblr