What Was Derrick's Photo in His 'Big Brother' HoH Basket? Here's What it Should Have Been

The second most exciting mystery of the week on Big Brother surrounds brief HoH Derrick Levasseur. You see, Derrick became HoH during the second round of double evictions on Thursday and became the one to finally get Christine evicted to a chorus of booing from the audience. However, that meant that Derrick was dethroned by the end of the same episode in which he became HoH. Still, he did get his HoH basket, letter, and pictures — but whatever picture Derrick got had him immediately hiding it and running to the diary room with his tail between his legs to give it back to production. There are a lot of rumors about what the picture could possibly be, but the feeds cut out every time we got close to knowing that for sure.

That leaves us with one of two options. Either we can wait until Sunday's episode of Big Brother to find out what the picture was or we can come up with some theories of our own. Naturally, I chose the latter. All we know about the picture at this point is that Derrick's daughter is in it with him. Cody identified her and thought the man in the picture was Derrick's brother at first. The popular theory is that it features Derrick in his cop uniform. Then again, when asked by Frankie what the picture was, Cody said, "I don't know if I should say..." which isn't exactly the outrage one would expect from finding out that Derrick has been lying about his identity this whole time.

I have some popular theories of my own and I took the liberty of helping everyone visualize it. So what was the photo of?

Derrick in full cop gear.

I have no idea why his family would ruin his game by sending something like this in, though. I mean, really. They're watching the show, too. They know he's a "parks and recreation coordinator". Why would they send a picture of him in his cop uniform, even if he's holding his daughter in it?

Derrick at a high school.

In his introduction video, Derrick mentioned that he looked young enough to go undercover in high schools to bust drug rings. A shot of him posing by a locker would be pretty incriminating. Derrick's a grown man with a wife and a child; how would he explain lurking around a high school with his child in his arms?

Derrick in a wedding picture.

Hey, maybe Derrick and his wife got married a second time and had one of those reverse weddings where he was the bride and she was the groom. Not exactly humiliating, but still something he probably wouldn't want the house guests to see. Even if that flower arrangement brings out his eyes.

Derrick on his daughter's birthday.

Maybe for one of his daughter's birthdays, Derrick decked himself out as a clown for the party and there are pictures of that in his HoH basket. Again, not humiliating, but showing that on national television would be kiiiiind of embarrassing. I mean, I dig it, but what about the rest of America? We all read It by Stephen King okay.

Derrick in a Halloween costume.

Am I the only one who thinks Derrick would make the world's most adorable Care Bear? Just me? Okay. Regardless, look back on your childhood or adulthood and you'll realize that there are plenty of Halloween costumes that were really fun at the time but are really embarrassing to see in old pictures now. A Care Bear costume is just one example. His daughter should have been wearing it, not him. Or, hey, maybe she was and they were matching. Aww.

Image: Kadeen Griffiths/Bustle