Will They Leave 'Paradise' Together?

Monday night's Bachelor in Paradise finale will be a bittersweet experience, for as excited as I am to know how it all ends, I know I will be beyond bummed when the curtain closes on Season 1. I am not ready to pack my belongings, say my tearful goodbyes, and leave Tulum once and for all. My goodness, what a whirlwind romance this glorious reality TV program and I shared. Summer lovin', had me a blast/Summer lovin', happened so fast. Speaking of love and relationships, what will become of our BiP couples?! (Flawless segue, Rohwedder!) Some of the lovebirds seem like they’ll definitely give love a go in a post- BiP world. (Bless Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd's hearts.) But what about mack attack partners Robert Graham and Sarah Herron? Will they leave Paradise as an item? If so, will they make it IRL?

I refuse to look up spoilers, so I do not have the answers. If they do stay together, I will attribute it to a beautiful and unbreakable bond forged while sharing an incredibly unique, YOPO-tastic experience. You Only Paradise Once? More like You Only Paradise Always!

If Robert and Sarah don’t last, I will assume one of the following reasons to be the cause of breakup:

The YOPO Fades

Can YOPO last forever? The answer is TBD. But if it does fade, it might take every BiP relationship with it, Robert and Sarah's relationship included.

They realize Graham crackers and heron aren't a good combo

His last name is Graham. Her last name is Herron. Graham crackers. Heron.


If someone set out a plate of graham crackers and heron to nosh on, I’d be like, “HARD PASS.”

Sarah Wants To Bring The Talking Raccoon Home, But Robert Won’t Allow it

"Brooks would've been down to help me smuggle a wild animal onto a plane," I imagine Sarah muttering under her breath. "I chose the wrong flavor of ice cream."

Chris Harrison The Great and Powerful Pulls The Plug

Host Chris Harrison The Great and Powerful wields all sorts of magic and don't you forget it. If Chris Harrison The Great and Powerful casts a breakup spell on Sarah and Robert, they will break up. End of love story.

If they do call it quits, I bet it's the talking raccoon. If I was on BiP and that talking raccoon was down move in with me and be my BFF, my number one goal would be to get that talking raccoon on that plane.

Images: Agustin Murillo/ABC; mileymcyrus, giraffewrangler, morebearcore, ontheredcarpet/tumblr