5 SFX Makeup Instagram Accounts To Follow So You Can Already Start Getting Pumped For Halloween

I love Halloween. Even though the weather won't really feel Halloween-y here in North Carolina until, well, if we're lucky, Halloween, I start getting excited as soon as it turns September (or August; okay, okay July. June.) I used to be all about the costumes, and would plan dozens without choosing one until the last possible moment. But in the past couple of years, it's become the Halloween makeup ideas that really get me pumped.

With just a few products (and some practice), I can transform myself into whatever character I want to be on October 31 (or, you know, Wednesdays). And the fun part is, if the costume is mostly in the makeup, it gives me more leeway to dress however I want and still maintain the character. Or on the other hand, makeup can allow me to completely change the vibe of a costume if I just want to recycle a look.

Sometimes, though, just getting an idea can be the hardest part of coming up with a look. Thank goodness for the internet, amirite? There are so many talented makeup artists willing to spread their ideas all over our favorite basic-bitch app, Instagram. So sit back, and get inspired by these special-effects artists in preparation for Halloween... or really anytime you want to look like a pop-art zombie.

1. LauraJ_SFX

I hope you're not arachnophobic. How cool is that spider-in-the-mouth detail?

2. Makeup_By_Lizette

Disney villains are always a fun way to go on Halloween.

3. MakeupMouse

If you want something a little more ambiguous but still bright and fun, Heather from Makeupmouse is your girl.

4. Re_Fab

If you want your gore to come with a side of glamour, try something like this half-skull or pin-up vampire.

5. Natalie_Kirk_MUA

This amount of detail will almost definitely require some practice, but how brilliant is that pop-art style zombie?

Images: Getty Images; lauraj_sfx, makeup_by_lizette, makeupmouse, re_fab, natalie_kirk_mua/Instagram