This 'Serena' Trailer Is Already Oscar-Worthy

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are a winning combination. We know that and they know that. I mean, it'd be kind of hard for them not to know that considering the two of them have starred in not one, not two, but three films together in the last three years alone. American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook both got nominated for Academy Awards, and now Cooper and Lawrence will appear in Serena together, a movie that already seems poised to get them to the Oscars for another year in a row. Of course, Serena actually wrapped shooting before American Hustle, but the trailer for Serena only just came out because the film has been held up in limbo until now.

Serena, which will finally be released in the United Kingdom on November 24 with no United States release date to be found yet, follows the story of Cooper and Lawrence as a married couple during the Depression-era that falls upon hard times when Cooper's timber business begins to go under. There's conflict and intrigue and lots of Cooper and Lawrence making doe eyes at each other, with Lawrence's signature command of every scene that she is in playing well off Cooper's understated but still powerful presence. The movie is called Serena and you can certainly see why Lawrence's character is taking center stage because she's the perfect combination of sweet and sultry, intriguing and unnerving, mysterious and genuine.

Plus, as the trailer implies, there's also the chance that she murdered someone. Now that's romance.

If anyone was wondering up to this point whether or not Cooper and Lawrence's third film together would set them up nicely for the next Oscar season, then you can stop wondering right now: It definitely will. Whether Serena is better or equal to American Hustle or Silver Linings Playbook still remains to be seen, but it combines the elements that worked about both movies, and about Cooper and Lawrence's chemistry in both movies, and brings it into a wholly different plot and time period that will draw you in. So, dear Hollywood, please stop dragging your feet and bring this movie to American shores as soon as possible.

Check out the trailer below.

Image: YouTube