Taylor Swift Loved That Frat Bros Video Too

When a “normal” person invites a big name celebrity to attend an event with them (like prom or homecoming) and they say yes, it’s a pretty big freaking deal — remember Mila Kunis going to the Marina Corps gala? But, when a celebrity personally invites not one, but several of their fans to one of their events, it’s an even bigger deal. And, luckily for a huge group of Taylor Swift fans, the goddess herself has done just that: In response to that hilarious "Shake It Off" video from a group of frat brothers that's gone viral, Taylor Swift has invited the entire fraternity to a concert with her.

After the fraternity brothers of Kentucky's Transylvania University’s Delta Sigma Phi chapter made a lip dub video of Tay Swift’s latest hit, not only did they garner attention from tons of people and receive over a million hits on YouTube, they also caught the eye of the country-pop queen herself.

On Saturday, Swift linked the video in one of her tweets, saying that she was inviting all of the men to one of her concerts on her tour next year, free tickets and all. She even seemed to imply that they would be able to bring a date to the show, but I’m not sure if that will actually pan out since there was an overwhelming amount of people already in the video. What I do know though is that every single freshman guy that attends the university next year will want to be a pledge for Delta Sigma Phi.

That, or other fraternities will attempt to make their own cute music videos in attempts to win over the celebrity of their dreams. Already, the frat has raised over $3,000 of the $5,000 they needed for leukemia treatment for Team Torsie — which was the original purpose for their video — and many of them have already expressed their thanks to Swift for her kind actions.

What I can only imagine began with dozens of fraternity brothers actually opposing the idea of making a video dancing to Shake It Off, turned out to be the greatest thing they could have ever done.