How Did They React to Their Reunion?

I'm not saying that I've been hoping for a moment like this since Zach Rance got eliminated on Big Brother, but I'm not not saying it either. The fact of the matter is that Sunday's episode of Big Brother will be even more highly anticipated than Jeff and Jordan's visit and subsequent Big Brother engagement for the sheer fact that the show's most popular showmance-that-wasn't, Zankie, were reunited for a luxury competition. And when I say reunited, I don't just mean they got to see each other again. Not only did that happen, but Zach and Frankie were also paired as partners for the competition, thanks to Frankie. We won't know more until we see the competition for ourselves, but that was enough for me to be hopeful.

Zach and Frankie didn't exactly part on the best terms. I mean, they could have parted on worse terms, all things considered, but Zach had absolutely no hard feelings toward Frankie for stabbing him in the back and booting him out of the Big Brother house. He's not rushing to stitch them an embroidered pillow with ZANKIE written on it, but he doesn't blame Frankie for playing the game. However, when asked by BBLive, Zach said that Zankie was "over", which doesn't bode well for their reunion. So until we find out how the Zach and Frankie reunion went, here are my six best guesses for how it should have gone.

1. They picked up where they left off.

I know, I know. I'm blindly optimistic. Even if Zach and Frankie greet each other with one of their trademark hugs and lots of their usual unnecessary PDA, it'd be almost impossible to go back to what they were after the betrayals that Zach now knows about. However, that doesn't mean they won't still be acting like Zankie, catching up, sharing laughs, and forgetting that there are other people in the room. It could happen.

2. They had to start over.

But, like I said, it'd be pretty hard for Zankie to ever really be Zankie again now that Zach knows how many times Frankie was going behind his back and trying to get him out. Now that they have been reunited, even though it was briefly, they'd probably have to restart their relationship from day one if they ever hoped to be able to trust each other again. How cute would it be if they introduced themselves to each other all over again and decided to take it one day at a time after the show was over?

3. There was just complete indifference.

Zach was probably more excited to be back in the Big Brother house than he was to see Frankie again, let's be real.

4. Zach's decided to hate Frankie now.

According to BB Updates, Zach and Frankie didn't win the competition. Maybe Zach decided that putting his full effort into helping Frankie get money just wasn't worth getting money himself. Maybe he pulled a Caleb and just sat down during the competition. Maybe Zankie just weren't in sync because Zach is so over Frankie now. The possibilities are endless and totally justified.

5. They took their relationship to the next level.

Being reunited felt so good that Zankie decided to finally take their relationship to the next level and... exchange phone numbers so they can talk more in-depth about going on vacation together and moving in together after the show is over. Obviously.

6. They said goodbye.

Maybe seeing each other again gave them the chance to get some closure on their friendship and say goodbye to each other once and for all. No more expectations, no more connection, no more Zankie... just a house guest and a jury member who will see each other soon enough, one way or another. I guess we'll find out on Sunday if Zankie did any or all of these things.

Image: CBS; zankiegrance/Tumblr (6)