Rashida Jones' CW Show 'Ladyballs' Will Hopefully Live Up to Its Title

As tragic as Rashida Jones' departure from Parks and Recreation is, we relax knowing that there will be two other shows featuring Leslie Knope's best friend and the most beautiful nurse in all of Pawnee. And one of them is called Ladyballs.

Jones is developing the comedy for the CW with her younger sister, Kidada, and unfortunately, the plot sounds like your run-of-the-mill, groan-worthy CW show: it follows a pair of estranged best friends who reunite after they find out they're dating the same guy. After their payback on the cheater gets Internet-famous, the duo decide to get in the business of revenge. The show also features a fabulous apartment and a lot of trying-on-clothes montages (okay, I added in the last part).

Hopefully, Jones will make a more grounded and realistic version of this show. And it's a good sign that her writing partner for Celeste and Jesse Forever (a movie that could've been a hackneyed rom-com but ended up as a realistic portrayal of growing out of love), Will McCormack, is signed on as an executive producer. But unlike Celeste and Jesse Forever, neither Jones nor McCormack are set to appear in Ladyballs.

However, Jones and McCormack do have another show in production that's been picked up at FOX. Titled Stuck, the show follows a middle-aged women whose slacker daughter becomes her boss after she helps her get a job at the bank where she works. The mother-daughter relationship is one that's not shown too often on television, and that's a relationship that could be explored really well on the show (because seriously, we need another Gilmore Girls). It may have a more promising plot, but really, will there ever be another show with a better name than Ladyballs?