These Guys! They Have A Show!

by Mallory Schlossberg

Two late night faces are heading to primetime in a pretty major way. The Hollywood Reporter states that popular late night television host Jimmy Kimmel has sold a pilot to ABC. He's set to produce it alongside his friend of many years, Carson Daly, in addition to experienced producer Dan Fogelman (The Neighbors).

The show will be loosely based on Daly's career, which should be a nice throwback for anyone who grew up watching him on TRL (raise your hands, folks). The as-yet-untitled half-hour sitcom will be about a VJ whose career takes a nosedive, which means he has to do the unfathomable: move back in with his folks and serve as the host of a mediocre radio show. Cringe! Gone is the glamour of interviewing frosty-tipped pop stars and midriff-baring teen queens! Present are the woes of living in mom's basement! Nooo!

In actuality, Daly's career turned out more than all right — he's now the host of his own NBC late-late-late night show for all of you night owls out there — but there was undoubtedly a slight downturn after those beautiful TRL days (my, have things changed since then — and my, have we all aged).

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But the really cool thing here (besides your opportunity to witness a show that celebrates the glory days of music videos) is that this is a huge milestone in Kimmel's career. THR points out that plenty of late night hosts produce sitcoms, but few actually write them. Kimmel's got legit writing chops, and it will be awesome to hear his funny quips during primetime hours. And Daly? Welcome back to the popular conscience of those who don't stay up into the wee hours of the night. We've missed ya, man.