Anya Hindmarch's High-Fashion Stickers

Remember Anya Hindmarch's adorable Mickey hands invitations? Turns out those had a little more than meets the eye: apparently, they're luxury stickers, designed to personalize everything from phones to leather handbags. In other words? Be still my heart. Being a recent grad and a fashion/beauty writer who spends a whole lot of time looking at really, really expensive clothing, I often find myself wishing I had more money — but few things have made me wish I had an extra $2k or so lying around than the brand's Spring/Summer 2015 collection has. In a world where #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday reign supreme, Anya Hindmarch's new leather stickers and sticker-embossed luxury handbags are kind of the ultimate.

Yes, her new collection features a combination of pre-decorated handbags (they come with all the fixings — dozens upon dozens of stickers, all affixed using special technique used to emboss the designs on top of the handbag, rather than just printing them on) and actual leather stickers that you can use to customize your own personal effects with. The whole concept is like those notebooks you gleefully plastered with your precious Lisa Frank stickers (seriously, those things were like gold) got a grown-up makeover. Add that to the fact that the runway show evoked a black-lighted rave version of Disneyland's spinning teacups and you've got the perfect nostalgia machine.

Behold (and try not to let your wallet get away from you):

Pencil Case Clutch

"Yes!" indeed.

The Vaughn

Okay, bucket bags are already swoon-worthy enough without the addition of neon stickers.

The Embossed Leather Journal

Dying of cuteness.

The Stickers!

*High-pitched squealing!*

Images: anyahindmarch (4)/Instagram,