Wait, What Does This Hashtag Mean?

When I fired up Twitter on Tuesday morning, a rather peculiar trending topic grabbed my attention: #5SOSSauceTastesLike. Uh, what's that now? I thought. Is this a #HarryDontLickAnything situation? Why is 5 Seconds of Summer sauce a thing? Should I be scared? Too late, I'm scared. However, my love for the band trumped all of my fears about what I might find. I took a deep breath, clicked the hashtag, and got to reading. After a few minutes of scrolling through the tweets, I happened upon the origin of the hashtag: It is for a radio show contest. Each day this week, KIIS FM's On Air With Ryan Seacrest will reveal a new 5SOS-themed hashtag. And each day this week, fans must tweet answers and include the hashtag of the day in order to be eligible to win the 5SOS meet-and-greet/concert prize package. Monday's hashtag was #IfIWokeUpWithAmnesia, and Tuesday's hashtag is #5SOSSauceTastesLike.

Ohhhhhhhh, I thought. That's way less weird than I expected. Ryan Seacrest just wants to know what fans think 5SOS sauce (5SOS... 5SAUCE... I get it!) tastes like. There is absolutely nothing weird about that!

So, what does 5SOS sauce taste like? Here are some of my favorite guesses:

I noticed "chocolate milk" was a recurring theme in the tweets. I looked into it. This is what I found.

That sounds beautiful, albeit inedible.

"And jigglypuffs."

Still LOLing at "CALUMari."

Uh oh.

Again, had to look into this one. Found out that the band really loves Will Smith.

Well, that went to a strange place.

She has a point: Hot dogs do taste amazing.

...So, like poop?

Oh. OK.