Juan Pablo Doesn't Get Why America Hates Him

If you were hoping a second week of therapy would help break Juan Pablo Galavis of his general jerkiness, don't hold your breath because episode two of Couples Therapy shows that Juan Pablo still doesn't know why America doesn't like him. This week Juan Pablo explained to the house why America and the media hate him. "I had a ring in my pocket, but I didn't propose," Juan Pablo said with a laugh. His poor girlfriend Nikki Ferrell just sat there and watched him retell the story of the day he didn't get down on one knee. "I mean, I still had a great experience," he said shrugging.

It is true that he bucked Bachelor tradition by not handing over the ring or telling Nikki he loves her, but honestly Juan Pablo that is the least of your problems. It wasn't like America was pro-Juan Pablo for the whole show and then decided to hate him during the finale. No, Juan Pablo was making America angry way before that, and ever since then, too. The biggest issue here is that he still hasn't figured it out. I couldn't care less if he ever puts a ring on it. I'm mad at him for being rude to women, gay people, disabled people and more.

So, since Juan Pablo can't figure out the real reasons America hates him, I've composed a handy list for him to refer to in the future. Now hopefully he can stop playing the victim card and own up to why the media actually picks on him.

  1. He called gay people perverted.
  2. He issued a poor apology saying he actually just meant that gay people are too affectionate and racy for TV. (Like that's any better to say.)
  3. In that apology he also played the, "my best friend is gay, so it's okay" card.
  4. He slut-shamed Clare for taking him into the ocean even though at the time he readily agreed.
  5. He seemed more interested in kissing the women than talking to them.
  6. He was patronizing to Andi when she tried to have a conversation about their overnight date.
  7. He told Clare, "I love fucking you, but I don't know you."
  8. He was rude to Chris Harrison and spurned The Bachelor even though they helped him land his girlfriend.
  9. He "jokingly" uses the word retard. (Hah. So funny.)
  10. He thinks he shouldn't have to apologize because there's a language gap and he was just joking.
  11. He's constantly rude to Nikki, and makes way too many snide comments about "having to put up" with her. (Um, dude she's your girlfriend. Stop being mean.)

Add to that how he acted around famed porn star Jenna Jameson when she showed up for Couples Therapy this week, and Juan Pablo's whole attitude is a recipe for disaster. He was basically drooling over her even though Nikki was clearly uncomfortable. "Jenna Jameson and I share a wall ... oh my gosh," he said of their living arrangements with a big grin on his face. "I've seen her videos back in the day; she was great."

Sigh. JP, stop being such a skeevy guy. Fortunately even Jenna Jameson saw right through things, and said what we've all been feeling since before his season was even over. "Juan Pablo is very me me, look at me, everyone loves me," she said of the former Bachelor.

Hopefully Couples Therapy can help JP see past his own nose and at the larger picture of his flaws, but don't hold your breath. Juan Pablo still thinks everything about him ees okay.

You tell 'em, Andi.

Images: VH1; Martha Sorren (3)