How Did She Meet Chris Martin Anyway?

by Quinn Keaney

Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar winning, hilarious, GIF-able creature that she is, has been surprising everyone this summer thanks to her kind of confusing relationship with Coldplay frontman and former Goop enthusiast, Chris Martin. Are they dating? Aren't they? Was Cupid totally and completely wasted when he shot that arrow? As of now, it appears that the mismatched twosome are definitely on (no word on Cupid's sobriety... YET), but where did their relationship even start? How did Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin meet in the first place? Did he dedicate a song to Katniss or something?

Well, in a way he did via the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack, but besides that, J. Law, 24, and Martin, 37, actually have a pretty cute story to tell their 100 percent hypothetical children about how they met.

Three months after Martin and wife Gwyneth Paltrow decided to consciously uncouple, and not long after Lawrence made her X-Men co-star Nicholas Hoult her ex-boyfriend, Lawrence and Martin, reportedly, happened to bump into each other after a Coldplay concert on July 1. On a rooftop. Under the stars. In London. Angels probably sang, and glitter most likely floated down upon them from the heavens (*swoon*). Allegedly (aka take this part with a grain of salt), Martin spent the whole evening doting on Lawrence at the Kensington Roof Gardens, and an eyewitness spilled some innnnneresting details to the site about that night:

They were talking the whole time and being really flirty. There was a whole party of people wanting Chris’ attention, but his eyes were only on her.

I guess Martin must be really into Lawrence, but then again, how could he not be? As much as I still can't quite wrap my head around this celeb relationship, this low-key pair actually seems like they might be hitting it off for real. Just take a look at the dates they've gone on so far:

Date #1: A Vineyard

Everyone knows J. Law loves a nice beverage, and clearly Martin does too because he whisked her away to spend the day in a romantic vineyard. Completely casual.

Date #2: A Romantic Dinner

Apparently the two were adorable and goofy while they chowed down at Beverly Hills restaurant La Dolce Vita. I wonder if he serenaded her over their fried sage and crispy risotto?

Date #3: Hanging With Friends At A Hollywood Hot Spot

An eyewitness told E! News that while Lawrence and Martin hung out with pals at Chateau Marmont, "They seemed very comfortable in each other's company — and happy! It doesn't seem like it's a new relationship. They seem super affectionate and at ease with each other."

Date #4: Double Date With Gwyneth Paltrow And Nicholas Hoult?

LOL no. "Martin Lawrence" is weird enough, thanks.

Images: YourTango.com (2); HuffingtonPost.com; DailySanctuary.com