What Coldplay Song is J. Law's Favorite?

I'm convinced that Chris Martin is a musical hypnotist wizard at this point. It's been a month since Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin started dating — a whole month and we've yet to see photographic proof that Martin Lawrence is together. (Well, except for photos Bustle writer Kadeen provided us with via Photoshop.) But, apparently, they're totally dating and it's not just vineyard and dinner dates anymore — they're going public for real. On Wednesday night, Jennifer Lawrence went to a Coldplay concert and even though you might choose not to believe it based on, again, the lack of photographic evidence, it probably happened. So, now we obviously have to figure out which Coldplay songs are J. Law's favorites. It's only the next logical step people.

According to E! Online's report, a "source" revealed that J. Law is apparently a huge Coldplay fan — so, did she fall for Martin after he wrote "Atlas" for Hunger Games? "She knew every word to every song and there was a glisten in her eye as she watched Chris perform," the source revealed AND even though Harry Styles was sitting behind her, she "couldn't take her eyes off of [Martin]." See what I mean about Martin being a musical hypnotist wizard? One does not simply ignore Harry Styles unless under the spell of hypnosis.

What has the Oscar-winner so mesmerized by the former Mr. Goop? Well, here's the set-list that kept a "glisten" in J. Law's eye Wednesday evening at the Ace Hotel:

On a scale of 1-10 how stoked (I feel like J. Law loves this word) and in love was she with these songs? Let's see:

1) "Always In My Head"/ J. Law Level: 9

Have you seen the lyrics to this song? If Martin looked J Law in the eye and sang these and they really are hot-and-heavy right now, her heart might beat out of her chest. There's also the excitement of it being the first song of the concert and it obviously being about you. She was on Cloud 9.

2) "Charlie Brown"/ J. Law Level: 3

This is also a song about love and could kind of apply to her coming in to save him after his "conscious uncoupling." But it's just kind of meh. This would've been a good time to say hi to Harry Styles and reevaluate your life choices, girl.

3) "Paradise"/ J. Law Level: 7

"Paradise" could be J. Law's anthem right now following that nude photo leak. I can see her singing along with the same gusto as that scene in American Hustle. She was feeling it.

4) "Magic"/ J. Law Level: 1,000

According to E!, when Coldplay started playing "Magic," J. Law threw both of her hands in the air while she danced and sang along. This is definitely her favorite song. Of all time. Or at least of their relationship.

5) "Clocks"/ J. Law Level: 7

"Clocks" is a classic. It's like when a band covers "Hey Jude" at a concert — you're just inexplicably pumped because it speaks to you on such a deep, personal level of fandom.

6) "The Scientist"/ J. Law Level: 4 or 7

It's a classic but also a break-up song that could obviously apply to Gwyneth right now. Depending on where J. Law's at emotionally following the massive invasion of her privacy and with her relationship with Martin, her feelings could go either way.

7) "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face"/ J. Law Level: 2

I feel meh about this song and I feel like I can speak for J. Law and say she felt meh, too.

8) "'Til Kingdom Come"/ J. Law Level: 8

I'd get J. Law having a glisten in her eye during this song. I mean, "For you, I've waited all these years," that tugs at my heart strings.

9) "Ink"/ J. Law Level: 5

This song is good and emotional but it kinds of gives me a clingy vibe and considering how she conducted her last relationship with Nicholas Hoult, she's probably not into that.

10) "True Love"/ J. Law Level: 10

If she knew all of the words to "Magic,"she totally knows all the words to this. And this song is all grooves.

11) "Viva la Vida"/ J. Law Level: 10

"Praise the ultimate jam." (That's how I imagine she talks when she's excited.)

12) "Midnight"/ J. Law Level: 8

Also a new song, but there's no mention of love here (and, honestly, I feel like I'm getting too much a Bon Iver vibe to be cool with it). I can't see her "glistening" but I can see her chilling. And, I mean, she's so into these new jams.

The Encore — "Oceans," "Sky Full of Stars," "Fix You"/ J. Law Level: 10

This encore was just a love letter to J. Law, #blessed.

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