Want To Meet Your Guardian Angel?

Guardian angels: they're not just for children's books and gas station trinkets anymore. Rosie Cepero, TLC's newest medium and Angels Among Us' star, connects people with their guardian angels — and viewers with their tear ducts. She says there are angels everywhere, and she's able to connect with them: "That's why the angels are here...to protect us." On Angels Among Us, people seek out the New York resident and mother of three's help to find out who their guardian angels are, something (someone?) Cepero insists everyone has. That means you could find yours too, but first you'll need an appointment with Cepero.

Personally I'd just prefer to have Cepero and her perky high ponytail as my own personal fairy godmother, but her clients are usually looking for a little more explanation as to why they've made it through so many tough situations. I dare you not to cry as Cepero tells a juvenile corrections officer that she's survived countless work-related brawls without injury because her nephew who died of a drug overdose is protecting her the same way she tries to protect her young wards. Yeesh! Cepero has a home in upstate New York that she says is a "portal for angels." And not just in the way of cherubic garden decor. There are guardian angels swooping all over that place just waiting to tell Cepero that they are her clients' protectors.

If those angels are in upstate New York, and their wards are in Tampa, Fla., then how are they keeping an eye on them, you ask? I don't know — that's a question for Rosie. So how can you ask her yourself?

You're flying to Harpursville, N.Y.

Y'all, this lady seems sweet. First of all, her website looks like it was made on some sort of interactive Barbie site that you needed your parents' permission to use in 1994. She prefers to do readings at her home in New York (on account of the angels per capita), and takes all requests for appointments through the "contact" section of her website. And get this... Cepero says she doesn't charge for readings (except with your tears).

Or she can come to you

She will, however, ask that you cover her expenses if you'd prefer for her to travel to you for a reading. She also says that there's less of a guarantee that she might be able to communicate with your guardian angel when she's not in her home, but she'll give it a shot.

Hit her up on social media

TLC currently doesn't have Angels Among Us listed on its casting page, so for now, the only guaranteed way to be considered for an appointment with Cepero is through her website. But you can also get in touch with her through her Facebook page and on Twitter. She'd love for you to use the hashtag #AngelsAmongUs because as she says on her website, I kid you not, "I hear it’s very important to the long-term success of the show." I love her.

Images: TLC (2)