Who's The Actress In The Tide Ad?

Imagine the following scenario, if you would be so kind: You’re watching one of your favorite television programs, when HOORAY! A commercial break strikes. The brief intermission is the perfect opportunity to check whether or not there are any popsicles left in your freezer. However, as you begin to migrate to the kitchen, one of the commercials stops you in your tracks: a Tide + Bleach Alternative ad about a karate gi starring… Ack, her name is on the tip of your tongue. This is not a subconscious dig at this actress, you're just really horrible with names. You wait for the brain fart to go away. [Two minutes pass, it does not go away.] I GIVE UP,” you say as you pull up the web browser on your phone. “YOU LET ME DOWN, BRAIN. I MUST ASK THE INTERNET.” The answer: Alison Becker, aka Shauna Malwee-Tweep (and, like, one million other things).

Duh doye. Duh freakin' doye.

Is the above “imaginary” scenario actually a true story? Yes it is. Is it my true story? Of course it is. Am I the worst at remembering names? Yep. Were there any popsicles left? Nope. When I opened that freezer door, I found frozen vegetables, ice cubes, and disappointment.

Two notes to self: 1) Be better at remembering names and 2) never run out of popsicles again.

Image: Tide