Put These 5 Quotes on Your Wall Now

Sometimes, you're lucky enough to be in a room that's charged with positive energy — the kind you want to stick in your pocket and carry around all day. At the 2014 WIE (Women: Inspiration and Enterprise) Symposium in New York on Sept. 19, speakers delivered that kind of vibe throughout the entire program while doling out advice and insight on everything from building a business to building a better you. Turns out that's what happens when you're in a room with people like Zosia Mamet, Cindy Gallop, Rachel Sklar, Debra Sterling, Alina Cho, and... well, I can go on, but I think you get the point.

During the panels, I heard some quotes that were the kind I'd want to remember and repeat to myself more than once (and, yes, OK, felt very Pinterest-worthy), and I couldn't help wanting to share them. This is the kind of stuff that goes on that corkboard above your desk, or is the sentence you reach for in that situation where you need one extra push.

Below, check out some words from some very smart and successful ladies — hopefully their insight will spark you the same way it hit me at WIE.

On being a more confident you all the time...

Gabrielle Bernstein, author and motivational speaker

On walking into a job interview with the right attitude...

—Amy Odell, Editor,

On taking risks when you're afraid to...

Cindy Gallop, advertising executive

(One more gem from Cindy: She said to ask yourself, "WWASWGD?": What would a straight, white guy do? Hot damn.)

On doing what you love...

Zosia Mamet, actress

On how to make your mark...

—Amy Odell

Image: tomwaitsforme/flickr