Watch Men Get Bikini Waxes For The First Time In This BuzzFeed Video And Then Tell Me Who's The Weaker Sex

There’s nothing quite as masochistic as a good bikini wax, as many women know when they ask themselves the reoccurring question, “WHY THE HELL DO I DO THIS???” after their monthly trip to the salon. Personal preference, conforming to society’s beauty standards, whatever, it still f’ing sucks. It sucks so much that you may have had the passing thought that you want others to experience it, just so they can understand how much it freakin' hurts. It’s kinda like when you watch a sad movie that makes you cry, and then you try to get everyone you know to watch it too. Well, ladies, that day you’ve been waiting for has arrived: A group of four men got their first bikini wax. And they filmed it. And it’s all kinds of terrible/wonderful. It kind of baffles me why these men would willing do this. Solidarity? Morbid curiosity? Solely for the Internet LOLz? Don’t really know. Don’t really care. It’s hilarious and that’s all that matters.

Most of the fellas tended to overestimate their pain tolerance. A few soon ran the full gamete of The Emotional Stages of Waxing — including the initial surprise, shock, and eventually acceptance of one’s inevitable fate. One tried to get creative with shapes (“Can I get a dragon?”). Their time on the table spurred some deep thoughts for some. And one asked the question I’ve been wondering for quite some time.

Also, one guy seemed to be enjoying it. So. There’s that.

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Over all, it seemed like a positive (albeit painful) experience. I tip my hats to you, gentlemen.

Images: YouTube