Will Kim K's 'American Dad!' Role Be Successful?

Kim Kardashian and acting go together like working out while eating pizza, which is basically to say that they don’t. The star may have her life together with her successful reality TV career and a loving husband and adorable daughter, but after her previous attempts to break into the acting world, with gigs in Disaster Movie (which was a literal disaster itself) and Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (which earned her a Razzie Award) — as well as guest roles on several shows, like 2 Broke Girls — she's kind of proved she's definitely not making her way to the Oscars (or Downton Abbey ) anytime soon. That said, though, she clearly still has no trouble booking some jobs, like this: Apparently, Kim Kardashian is voicing a character on American Dad .

Considering Seth MacFarlane's animated Fox series is actually hugely popular, this could either help her out in her quest to become an actress, or, you know...further reveal that acting is not her thing.

As for Kardashian’s new part: As previously reported, she's playing "a pink, furry, sex-hungry alien in the woods who has crash-landed on earth," according to Entertainment Weekly. Not to be pessimistic or anything, but I can only think about how not suited she'll be for a show like this: After all, she is relying solely on her voice, which is a tough thing to do if she wants to build a convincing and believable character for the audience.

But, I guess that remains to be seen. In fact, already a video has been released providing a small sneak peek of Kardashian's role. In it, we see her clingy female alien character as Roger attempts to dismiss her after a one-night stand. Hopefully the full episode will allow her to shine somehow — but we'll all have to wait until it airs on Sunday to find out.