You Can Be In Channing Tatum's 'Magic Mike XXL'

Channing Tatum wants you to be in Magic Mike XXL. Yes, he would like you to ignore the truly stupid sequel title and actually appear in his new movie. It's actually a competition, so nothing's guaranteed, sorry. Tatum announced the competition on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

How do you enter, you eagerly ask? Go to magicmikecontest.com to find all the rules, but basically, you have to post a photo or video expressing your true, undying love for Magic Mike along with the hashtag #magicmikecontest and the contest URL. Apparently, contest winners will be able to visit the set, meet and take pictures with the cast (which includes Andie MacDowell, whattt), and have a small appearance in the audience of one of the "crazy dance numbers" in Magic Mike XXL.

Sadly, the sequel will not see the return of Matthew McConaughey, but it looks like the rest of the cast is on board. The film will apparently center around the male strippers road tripping from Tampa to Myrtle beach for a convention. Hijinks will ensue, I am sure.

Hurry! The competition ends on the 29th of September! This might be your chance to meet Andie MacDowell! I mean Channing Tatum!