Kim Kardashian Should Be the Only One Happy About Kanye West's Interview on 'Kris'

Other than the adorable first photo of North West, there wasn't much too love about the Kanye West appearance on Kris Jenner's talk show. Between the audience that applauded after every sentence to Kanye's death stare turned huge smile to Kris's insufferable smizes toward the camera, the whole thing was just, yuck. But if you're Kim Kardashian, you probably loved it.

During the hour-long interview, Kanye hit all of the favorite Kardashian talking points. He gushed about how he's always loved Kim; he went into detail about how he drew himself into the Kardashian family Christmas card because he was sooooo desperate to be a part of their family; he talked about Jesus Christ and how his goal in life is to be a good Christian; he talked about needing to be less edgy with people; and he talked about how fatherhood has made him realize that stealing that award out of Taylor Swift's hands at the 2009 VMAs was not cool, man.

There's nothing (other than dolla dolla bills, of course), that the Kardashians love more than pretending like they're on the path to enlightenment, and Kanye fits in like a gilded glove. Between the self and family aggrandizing statements about becoming better people, Kanye and Kris shared wink winks about how it's wonderful that Obama finds them so interesting that he keeps bringing them up, and collectively concluded that they embody the new American dream. When Kanye mentioned how people should aspire to know what it means to be a n*gga in Paris, Kris laughed and called him "silly." The audience clapped.

While Kris and Kanye sat under the bright lights talking about how their family is the only brand that matters (yes, that happened), Kim got to sit at home and watch her loved ones pick up where she left off. She was made out to be a queen, a superhero, an untouchable goddess who might have driven Kris Humphries insane, but who drives Kanye wild, in the best way possible. It was the longest Kim K. commercial I'd ever seen.

You win again, Kim. You always do.

[Image via Fox]