Dinklage Is Playing Another Badass, Of Course

We all know Peter Dinklage as everyone's favorite rebelliously forthright Lannister, Tyrion on HBO's Game of Thrones, and the talented actor is about to take his penchant for badassery to another time period. In early 1900's Texas, Dinklage will be starring as a Bounty Hunter/Ex-slave/ Gravedigger named Shorty in the Western thriller The Thicket. The film is an adaptation of the novel by Joe R. Lansdale, which was listed amongst the best books of 2013. The main character Jack Parker hires Shorty in a quest for revenge after his sister is kidnapped by a notorious killer. Much like Tyrion Lannister, Shorty is also, of course, accompanied by a prostitute. The three set off on a violent trail through Texas to find the missing woman.

The project covers some very heavy subject matter, but thankfully with Dinklage starring and co-producing, there will certainly be a few moments of levity amidst the grit (I hope). Producer of the film Gianni Nunnarni (Se7en, 300, The Departed) commented, "That Joe Lansdale's dark vision will be brought to life by the brilliantly talented Peter Dinklage starring as Shorty — it is a dream of mine...We cannot wait to share this movie with audiences around the world.”

So far the team assembled for the project have made some of the darkest and most-violent work on the big and small screen in recent history. There's no doubt The Thicket is going to be a blood bath. Let's just hope it's got a heart to pump it all through.