Happy National Coffee Day! 15 Unique Ways to Show Off Your Love for Coffee to the World

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No matter the season and no matter the time of day, our love for coffee is constant — National Coffee Day is just another excuse for us to celebrate what we already know is perfect. Coffee is always there for us, whether we're struggling to wake up, trying to keep warm, or just craving a good ole cup of joe. Whether you're an iced coffee devotee or a pumpkin spice latte fanatic, we can all agree that coffee is one of the best things in life, no matter how you prefer to drink it.

We like to keep the coffee coming all day long, because we just can't get enough of its caffeine-filled goodness. Really, what's not to love? It's pretty much a miracle beverage, doing everything from helping our hearing to improving our circulation. Plus, it's a total necessity for our jobs. We'll drink to that.

Our love for coffee goes so deep that we want to show it off (and prove to tea addicts that our favorite beverage is the superior beverage). And what better way to do that than by snagging some handcrafted coffee-themed goodies from Etsy? These 15 unique products help us broadcast our java addiction to the world while also supporting independent craftspeople, designers, and shop owners. So go head and pour yourself a piping hot cup of joe, and check out some of our favorite items.

Photo: KnobCreekMetalArts/Etsy

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