ICYMI: Kanye's New 'Do Is Really Kinda Basic

Kanye West is in the headlines yet again for his antics, but this time, there are no angry rants/intense soliloquies/on-stage interruptions involved. Kim Kardashian's hubster has debuted a new 'do, sporting shaved arrows onto the sides and the top of that genius noggin of his. That's right: Kanye West got a chevron haircut, according to Us Weekly.

Now, this is far from the most surprising thing Kanye has ever done, but I kind of figured he'd stick to fashion. Apparently though, he's forayed into male beauty — dare we consider this "manscaping"? I guess with a wife as beautiful as Kim, the rapper's got to catch up somehow.

First spotted while he was teaching that class at L.A. Trade Technical College earlier this month, there are now a few pap' shots of the rapper out and about with the unique pattern shaved into his head. Guess it wasn't just to make the students think he was the "cool" professor, though it no doubt helped up his reputation at the college.

I couldn't help but notice Kanye's new 'do isn't just any old arrow pattern though. In fact, it looks down right familiar. Perhaps he has a Pinterest account, because it seems as if he drew some inspiration from our favorite #basic pattern on the site: chevron.

Looks kinda like this phone case (mongrammed, obvs)...

And this children's shower curtain...

And these Arthur George by Robert Kardashian socks (Look at Yeezus, supporting his brother-in law!)

Oh, and don't forget a certain someone's tattoo...

Guess we know Yeezy's take on the chevron craze. Think he'll have North follow his lead? Her hair is pretty short, after all. And I bet they have an awesome baby-specialist hairstylist.

Images: Courtesy Brands