Mindy Kaling Perfects Primary Colors For Fall

Mindy Kaling is at it again -- or should we say, Mindy Lahiri's at it again? In a new Instagram snap, the comedienne shared one of her favorite outfits she has TV's beloved OB/GYN sporting this season, and we'd have to agree that it's pretty perfect.

Kaling usually impresses us with Dr. Lahiri's spot-on work attire (I mean, she's cultivated this character's style more than I've established my own), but I think she's raised the bar this time. Two separates in different primary colors, and for fall, no less? It's not a look we see very often, but this ensemble has me thinking wishing we did.

The key here is the materials and the styles of the separates. If this were a flowy jersey skirt and a cotton cardigan, we'd be having a much different conversation. But the polished material of the bright yellow skirt and the structured power-woman cobalt blue blazer fit perfectly with their respective colors, especially when paired together. And the high waist of the skirt makes the piece the perfect length -- there's almost an illusion of it being a layer under the blazer, rather a totally separate entity.

And the Tory Burch bug blouse? Adore it. It's such a fun and unexpected pattern (keep in mind that this is coming from someone who despises anything that crawls, flies, or slithers.) And while a matching shirt and bag look isn't usually my cup o' tea, it is so Dr. L. Which makes me love it.

Please excuse me while I scour the internet for this outfit.