How to Dress Like Miley Cyrus For Halloween

Mass-produced Miley Cyrus Halloween costumes are sooooooooooo 2013. Passe. O-V-E-R. Totally last year. Next. I'm talking about the teddy bear bodysuit. The onesies. The foam fingers. Twerking. Tongue flashing. Partnering with a guy wearing a Foot Locker employee uniform a la Robin Thicke's 2013 Video Music Awards zoot suit. All of those Miley Cyrus Halloween costume elements are better left in the past. It's 2014. Cyrus has moved on from her 2013 VMAs antics, and so should you, especially if you want to dress like the singer for Halloween this year. And why shouldn't you? This costume is surprising easy — all you need are some pot leaf fashions and prints (since Cyrus is such a fan of the green stuff), some funky sunglasses, and a pooch that you can carry around in your arms and smooch. Just like Miley.

Want to hit this year's Halloween party harder than a wrecking ball? You're in luck. Thanks to the creative types that hawk their wares on Etsy, I've rounded up all the quintessential items you'll need to assemble a Halloween look that's all things Miley Cyrus, the wild child of pop music. No foam finger necessary.

The Inspiration:

For inspiration, I used one of the more recent photos Miley posted to her Instagram account:

I am, of course, curious about what or who Cyrus will be for Halloween this year, after she donned a wig and pasties like Lil Kim for Halloween 2013. Even so, it's equally as interesting to transfer Miley's style and morph it with your own.

The Costume:

If you want to go girly and femme glam Miley-style, then rock a hooded pot leaf print romper ($59.99, Etsy.com). It's fun, it's cute, and it's definitely something the singer would wear on stage (or, you know, whenever she feels like it). If you just wanna dress like Miley with little consequence, then toss on pot-print comfy pants ($45.99, Etsy.com), which pretty much beg to be paired with a marijuana leaf sweatshirt ($20, Etsy.com).

Once you decide on the romper or the shirt and pants combo, you can go about accessorizing. Throw on a pair of white Doc Martens with eight holes ($125, drmartens.com) and cray cray sunnies, like this Kanye West-inspired pair ($3.99, halloweencostumes.com). Miley and Yeezy have bro'd down before, so the shades are a win and a detail Smilers can appreciate. A candy-like raver cuff is the perfect complement. Fans have gifted these bracelets to the singer while on tour, so it's an authentic, Miley-specific element ($4.75, Etsy.com).

You can't do Miley without her now-signature 'do. A short, cropped, pixie wig is essential ($127.50, wigsalon.com). It's a bit on the pricy side, but I know a lot of people who go all out on their Halloween costumes, sparing no expense; plus, you can use it again and again, especially if you want to make a hair change at other times in the year without fully committing. Looking for a cheaper option? This pixie wig from Party City is less than $20, and with a little styling, could be just the thing you need to top off your costume.

Finish with a swipe of red lipstick, preferably from MAC. After all, Miley loves to show off her pout, and you should too. You'll probably still want to stick your tongue out, since Cyrus still does that. And if you are calling attention to your mouth, why not paint it red?

The Ultimate Miley Accessory:

Last but not least, Miley Cyrus is a dog lover of the highest order, so you might want to incorporate a fur ball element into your Miley Cyrus 2014 Halloween look, as long as it's completely safe and it's your dog that you own responsibly. You don't need some drunk idiot at a Halloween party letting your pooch drink from the spiked punch bowl. If you have a lap dog, you can consider toting him or her along as arm candy, because Cyrus is rarely without her canines. But that's a move to make with extreme caution —make sure that pup never leaves your side or your line of sight. Or, make things easy and find a stuffed animal you can bring along with you. Still cute, if you ask me.

Happy Halloween!

Images: Polyvore; Miley Cyrus/Instagram (3)