The Bottom of This Outfit is a Tad Bit Risqué

Move over #FreetheNipple — there's a new body part that needs breathing room! Maybe you thought you'd seen the last flash of celebrity hipbone after Kendall Jenner's racy double-slit MMVA dress, but, sorry, that's not the case. Rumer Willis' sexy new campaign for Franziska Fox features a particularly not safe for work jumpsuit with a heavy dose of visible hip region. This is certainly not a look that normals can easily pull off, I'll tell you that much. I'm not even sure how well Willis pulls it off.

Risqué cut outs appear to be this label's "thing" because the rest of the Spring '15 lookbook, shot by photographer Michael Avedon (yup, Richard's grandson) is equally steamy. You may remember Franziska Fox from back in April when Willis sported the designer's skirt with giant holes along the sides for a similar "nearly naked" vibe. This jumpsuit really takes things to a whole new level, though.

The jumpsuit — which actually might be two separate pieces, it's hard to tell — features a belly baring halter top and a bottom half garment that somewhat resembles pants but cannot, in good conscious, actually be called pants. It consists of a strip of white fabric encircling the waist and connected to the leg portion by a thin triangle that leaves little of the hip and upper thigh to the imagination. I'm talking a dangerously high probability of flashing the vag. Take a look:

I'm all for cutouts if they're done the Daenerys Targaryen way, but this is... too much. It looks like a Spice Girls costume gone totally wrong. The remaining images from the campaign a tiny bit more practical, but I'm very confused about who Franziska Fox's target demographic is. Celebrities with hip tattoos? Aspiring '90s pop stars who don't realize it's now 2014?

There's one positive note to this campaign, which is that Rumer kills it despite the ridiculous outfits. Get it, girl!

Image: Franziska Fox