What Gifts Did LC Give Her Wedding Guests?

Unless you're living under a rock and/or don't care about former pseudo-reality stars, you probably have already seen updates on Lauren Conrad's wedding to William Tell. We've all seen the LC wedding dress(es) by now and have learned that the main gown was designed by Badgley Mischka. Now, there are even more photos from the wedding to get excited about. US Weekly has published the details of the entire event, highlighting the "rustic charm" theme of the wedding, because what's more rustic and natural than having a gossip magazine publish your entire wedding album online? But I digress.

Most of the details of the wedding and reception are, without a doubt, what you would expect from Lauren Conrad. Basically, just give yourself a second to imagine literally living inside of a Pinterest page, and you get the idea. Nothing is particularly bold or shocking, but that's OK, because it's all very Lauren Conrad. But the wedding gifts that Conrad gave to her guests? They might actually surprise you a bit.

While most of us non-celebrities might choose one, cute gift to give our family and friends after the wedding, Conrad decided to set the bar for wedding guest gifts just a tad bit higher. The guests of the Conrad-Tell wedding received not just one gift, but a whole bag of goodies. Now, before you jump ahead here and assume that the gifts were iPads and teacup pigs, let's just remember the theme of the wedding: rustic charm. [Side note: A teacup pig themed wedding is really an idea someone should look into.]

So, yes, the gifts were rustic too, and included boxed water and some apples. Because what's more natural than water in a box? Am I right? And apples. Because, when I go to a wedding, mainly what I'm thinking is "Gosh, I really hope I leave this with some nice produce."

To be fair, the couple also included wine and a corkscrew in the gift bag — a nice move to offset the fact that they almost just threw two apples and trendy water in a bag and called it a day. And that's not all, either. Keeping with the "charm' part of the wedding's theme, the gift bag included a selection of his and hers favorite candies. Free candy. Now there's something I can really get behind.

Overall, I guess I would have accepted the gift bag. Would I still be disappointed that there were two apples in the bag and and exactly zero teacup pigs? Yes, obviously. But I would remind myself that this was a day to celebrate a love so great that would be documented by US Weekly, and that I should just go back to eating candy in a corner and enjoying the rustic-ness of it all.