Meet the Amazing Kid Who's Standing Up to Kanye

Think back upon all the times you've wanted to say a sincere "Fuck you" to Kanye West. Now imagine that you could actually do it. Thanks to a viral photograph, one little boy is sharing that message with a "Fuck you Kanye" t-shirt. Better yet? He's in a wheelchair.

This is clearly a response to an incident earlier this month when Kanye tried to get a man in a wheelchair to stand up at his concert in Sydney, Australia. Then, in truly narcissistic form, he claimed the media was trying to "demonize" him by twisting the story to make it look like he bullied a wheelchair-bound man at his concert. You know, because everybody is out to get Yeezus. Enter this anonymous little boy, a hero among us, who's message is one we all share. Fuck you, Kanye, indeed.

We don't know who this boy is, where he's from, or how the shirt came to be. I'd imagine that he has some amazing parents who supported this behavior by having the shirt made up and taking the picture. I tip my hat to them as well. The boy is so damn cute that I can't even picture Kanye being mad about this — just kidding, I'm totally waiting for the statement about how the media has turned the children against him. But really, he has no one to blame but himself.

Look at that little face! Anonymous Internet Child, I want to thank you on behalf of myself, Taylor Swift, and the rest of humanity for saying exactly what needed to be said. You deserve a giant round of applause — no standing necessary. Now, where can I buy one of those shirts?

Image: Giphy