They Chose a Great Wedding Location with Venice

I never thought I’d see the day that eternal bachelor George Clooney would actually settle down. Even when he got engaged to Amal Alamuddin, I have to admit that I was skeptical about him actually going through with a wedding and leaving the single life behind. Now it’s finally here. Alamuddin flew into Milan, Italy with her mother on Thursday, reportedly, to get ready for her weekend wedding in Venice. Much of the Clooney/Alamuddin wedding gossip has remained under wraps, but one aspect that the couple has been open about is that the wedding will take place in Venice. At an event in Florence earlier this month, Clooney said, "I met my lovely bride-to-be here in Italy, whom I will be marrying, in a couple of weeks, in Venice, of all places." With Alamuddin and Clooney being such an international couple, how did they decide on Venice for the nuptials? What is so great about Venice? These quotes about the beauty of the city may have influenced their decision:

It's Better than a Fairytale

"If you read a lot, nothing is as great as you've imagined. Venice is — Venice is better." — Fran Lebowitz

It Has a Musical Quality

"When I seek another word for 'music', I never find any other word than 'Venice.'" — Friedrich Nietzsche

It's Intense

Ian Gavan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go." — Truman Capote

It's Enchanted

"Here is something so different in Venice from any other place in the world, that you leave atonce all accustomed habits and everyday sights to enter an enchanted garden.” — Mary Shelley

Its Memory Will Stick With You Forever

"Wherever you go in life, you will feel somewhere over your shoulder a pink, castellated shimmering presence, the domes and riggings and crooked pinacles of the Serenissima." Jan Morris

It Embodies Everything You Need All at Once

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"It is the city of mirrors, the city of mirages, at once solid and liquid, at once air and stone." — Jan Morris

Its Origins Prove That Nothing is Impossible

"To build a city where it is impossible to build a city is madness in itself, but to build there one of the most elegant and grandest of cities is the madness of genius." — Alexander Herzen

It Will Never Be Boring

"It is held by some that this word 'Venetia' signifies 'Veni Etiam,' that is, come again, and again, for however oft you come, you will always see new things, and new beauties." — Jacopo Sansovino

It's Intriguing

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"In the winter, Venice is like an abandoned theatre. The play is finished, but the echoes remain." — Arbit Blatas

It Will Remain Forever Classic

"I will never forget experiencing Venice for the first time. It feels like you are transported to another time – the art, music, food and pure romance in the air is like no other place." — Elizabeth Berkley

Sounds like a great place for a wedding, right? Now if only there we were guaranteed some pictures of this thing...

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