How to Dress Like Boo-zy Brunch for Halloween

Remember that time when we all thought that boozy bottomless brunch in New York City was, in fact, illegal? I know, I don't like to relive bad memories either, but just hear me out for a second, mmkay? New Yorkers may not agree on climate change activism, the gender wage gap, or the efficacy of the broken windows policy, but a majority of us do seem to agree on the following: we absolutely love a boozy bottomless brunch. Even if the legality of the whole thing seems confusing, the Man just can't seem to hold us down. We're New Yorkers. We're tough, so we keep calm and drink on. And since we can never have too much of a good thing (ahem, ranked fourth in the nation for restaurants per capita, boasting more than 16,000 eateries), why limit such first world pleasures to a mere 12-4 p.m. weekend window if we're willing and able to pay homage to our favorite brunch cocktails all night long?

Enter stage right: the most wonderful time of the year. Enter stage left: how to dress like boozy bottomless brunch this Halloween.

Whether it's a Bloody Mary, mimosa, Bellini, champagne, margarita, or sangria, just pick your poison, DIY a headband, and leave your pants at home, because you bet we're getting literal here. Happy (bottomless) Halloween!

Bottomless Bloody Mary

DIY: Glue a red bucket to the top of your headband. Fill that bucket with faux celery, olives, dilly beans, cocktail shrimp, and bacon strips. Paper mache is always a fun option, but old school construction paper cut-outs work just as well. Pair with your favorite pair of red undies.

Bottomless Mimosa

DIY: Buy a plastic champagne flute. Fill it with something orange (liquid or non, depending how daring you are). Glue it to your headband. Pair it with orange undies and make sure you've covered your unmentionables (or not, depending how daring you are).

Your standard catch-all bottomless brunch

DIY: Buy a white t-shirt. Buy a black sharpie. Write "Brunch" on that t-shirt. Pair it with black undies. Then brag to everyone you know about this year's $7 Halloween costume. Freaky scary.


Images: michelleamock/Fotolia, Brian Ratigan (6)