Nail Art To Cozy Up To This Autumn

I think most of us can wholeheartedly agree that autumn is the best season of them all. Summer is all about the pool, high-waisted denim shorts, lavender ombré hair, fruity pink dranks, and bright nail art, but fall is good for the cozy stuff. After all, fall brings us pumpkins, and pumpkins bring us the pumpkin spice latte. Cinnamon, hot tea, cable-knit sweaters, and boot socks are all included in the package, and I love it. Plus, who says you can't have awesome nail art just because the weather is cooler?

The best part about fall is, of course, the colors. Gorgeous bold, grim, and spooky purples, reds, and oranges all permeate the season. Channeling pumpkins, leaves, and Halloween, autumn lends us an awesome array of designs to use for our manicures. Right now, I’m wearing OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark (a broody dark brown-red) with a gold accent nail (Butter London’s The Full Monty), but I plan on playing with oranges and yellows soon, because, well, 'tis the season.

For some more designs that accentuate all of fall’s glory, I found some really cool, inspiring nail art by bloggers all over the Internet. Some are supereasy (as easy as a glitter top coat), while others call for more intricate brush strokes. Either way, these nails are totally worth a go before winter.

1. Yellow and autumn florals

Spring isn't the only season good for flowers. This gorgeous dark yellow polish paired with white and brown leaf designs by Lucy's Stash is the perfect transition from summer to fall. It's a bright look, yet superlovely and snug.

2. Autumn confetti

Over at Polish Fixation, you can achieve a totally easy look that's perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or just the whimsy of changing leaves.

3. White trees and leaves

I love the dark gray background — it reminds of the Midwest's early sundown and stormy nights that signal winter is definitely coming. This design, featured over at Aquaayame, also incorporates white trees, which are beautiful and create a sharp contrast.

4. Dark berries and glitter

This dark berry color, which is reminiscent of Chanel's Vamp or OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark, is so dark and perfect. It's great alone, but with a shimmery top coat, you've got a simple, but fun look. Over at One Nail to Rule Them All, Alice suggests nail polish brands to use for this idea.

5. Magenta and orange triangles

Very Emily has some very cute, subtle autumnal nail designs. If you're hesitant about leaving your pretty summer pinks behind, this geometric look is supercool and doesn't abandon bright colors.

6. Golden yellows and purples

I love how this design (done by Nailed It) doesn't use all the space to create the sensation of falling pedals. The golden yellow, gray, and purple creates the absolute essence of fall.

7. Foxes

I'm kind of really into foxes, so if leaves or florals aren't your thing (and you're feeling super ambitious), try out this crazy cute nail art by Wondrously Polished; the colors are bright, but still traditionally orange, black, and light gray.

8. Paprika Paisley

For a little more nonconventional autumn, here's a bright red-orange paisley design over light tan nails (also from Wondrously Polished).

9. Halloween nails

And because you can't have fall without Halloween, here are some infamous trick-or-treat icons you can use for nail inspiration (from Little Tip Off).