This New 'Diana' Trailer Is a Must-See

Though the first Diana trailer offered a good glimpse at the film, this new trailer hailing from Japan gives us an even better look at Naomi Watts' portrayal of the late Princess Diana.

For starters: Naomi Watts looks great in a brunette wig, and she's really a ringer for the Diana. Delving further, though — as expected, her performance seems like it's going to be absolute Oscar material, especially the scenes she shares with Lost's Naveen Andrews as Diana's lover, heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan. As previously reported, the film is going to focus on Diana's relationship with Khan, and takes place during the last two years of her life before the 1997 car crash that ultimately claimed her life in Paris.

Also starring alongside Watts and Andrews is Charles Edwards as senior royal aide Patrick Jephson, and Douglas Hodge as Diana's butler, Paul Burrell. The film is set to premiere at the Zurich film festival later next month, and the film's studio, Entertainment One, recently announced that it will receive "limited release" stateside on November 1. Expect to see this one at the Oscars, everyone — it's on.

You can check out the trailer — complete with a Japanese voiceover in the background — below.