Bryan Cranston Might Nab Lex Luthor Role in 'Man of Steel' Sequel (Take That, Batfleck)

After the Internet broke last week as everybody rushed to Twitter and Facebook to let you know their opinions on Batfleck, this time there's another Man of Steel sequel casting rumor floating around that will probably produce a much more joyous "ooooh" from the Internet audience: Bryan Cranston is rumored to be the next Lex Luthor.

Our favorite meth titan/father of three has proven through his Emmy-hoarding powers over the years that he's got the acting chops, and Breaking Bad's photographic evidence that he can rock the whole Bald Supervillain thing, so it's not exactly a reach to picture him as the famous Superman baddie.

The casting hasn't been officially confirmed yet, but rumor has it Warner Bros. is waiting until the Sept. 29 series finale of Breaking Bad to make an announcement. Considering it's one of the most hotly-anticipated series finales of the past decade, that's not a bad move.

The role would apparently sign Cranston on for not one but possibly six to nine films as the villain, so it makes sense to wait to make the commitment publicly until his show officially comes to an end. And who knows, maybe the show'll tie it all together and end with Heisenberg moving to Metropolis.