Kendall Jenner Models For Love Magazine, Looks Nothing Like How You've Ever Seen Her Before

Kendall Jenner has truly given herself up to her modeling career. She has no problem flashing her nipples in photos and in mesh shirts, dressing up like a couture bird for Chanel, or transforming her eyebrows and her overall look when walking runways. I can't even refer to her as just a reality star anymore, since she is a full-fledged model at this point. She's a pop culture hybrid now, a reality star slash model. But this latest shot of Jenner for Love Magazine totally blew me away. It's Kendall Jenner, who has plenty o' modelling credits under her belt, including those that appeal to the teen set, as you've never seen her before.

Jenner has sculpted arms and abs, which are both very Madonna-like. It's somewhat of a masculine presentation for her, even though the wet head look is femme, as are the push-up bustier and visible boy shorts.

Maybe it's that fierce stare. It's very runway, very distant, and there's nothing soft about it. That's why it fits the overall image, since her abs look cut from glass and her arms are so muscular. Dayum if she doesn't look way more masculine than her reported ex, Harry Styles of One Direction, who is of course man pretty. Make that boy pretty, since Hazza is just 20.

I will definitely give Kendizzle her due since she is choosing to do photo shoots that allow her stand out. She is not positioning herself as just another pretty face in her modeling work. That's likely going to increase her staying power.

Pretty faces are a dime a dozen but K. Jenner slaughters in this pic. I don't know if it's the lighting, throwing shade — not that kinda shade — on her arms and her skin, making her appear to be more muscular than she is. But I see a muscular and fierce Kendall Jenner, one who is not as curvy as her older half-sisters.

It begs this question: When is her little sister Kylie Jenner going to bust out and make a modeling splash? There has to be some (friendly) sibling rivalry brewing; I see Kendall and Kylie like Kim and Khloe. They love each other but there's some passive aggressive competition underneath the surface.

Bring it, Kylie.

Image: Kendall Jenner/Instagram