'Below Deck': Kat & Amy Flirt With The "New Kid On The Dock," & Hopefully History Doesn't Repeat Itself

At the beginning of Tuesday night’s Below Deck, the crew welcomed back deckhand Andrew and the Ohana exploded. OK, you caught me. One sentence in, and I’m fibbing my face off. The Ohana didn't blow up, but there was a snafu with a pylon, the dock, and the yacht being thrown into second gear when it shouldn't have been thrown into second gear. Er, I think that's what happened. I'm not going to front like I understand that stuff on any level. I'm not Andrew, ultimate yachtie impostor. On that note: Andrew did not actually come back to the Ohana. The yacht's newest deckhand is a young man named Logan. The entire crew fell in love with Logan at first sight. Which is great on paper (Yay! Everyone likes him!), but it will probably end poorly. Because Kat and Amy are thirsty for Logan. According to Ye Olde Below Deck texts (aka last Tuesday's episode), Kat and Amy's previous love triangle chained cinderblocks to their friendship's feet and pushed the friendship off of the back of a yacht.

But during this Tuesday night's ep, Kat and Amy hugged and made up about the Adrienne/wisdom teeth/BJ drama. Hooray! The friendship was brought back to life! Everything's going to be OK on th— Ehh, totes kidding: Before the ink on their reconciliation could dry, the two stews were back at odds. They were back at odds while relaxing in a jacuzzi with Logan. (Zoinks at Logan and Amy icing Kat out, amirite?) Logan, as Kelley immediately observed, has muscles. Logan has a beard. Logan has a kind face. Logan has a very likable personality. Ladies Love Cool Logan. Of course they do.

Don't go down this road again, Kat and Amy. Nip this in the bud right now, Kat and Amy. It took you four years to make up after the last incident, Kat and Amy. Stews before boos, Kat and Amy. You hear me? STEWS BEFORE BOOS.

And on that note, let us revisit Kelley's birthday. Just because I feel like it:

Images: Bravo; jake-johnsons-beard/tumblr