4 Reasons To Re-Watch this 'Gilmore Girls' Classic

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Gilmore Girls is now officially on Netflix, which means we should all cancel our plans for the rest of the month and down these episodes like they’re cups of coffee. No? Not possible? OK, fine. For those of you who have work, kids, and other responsibilities (also known as a life), then maybe you can’t spend your days and nights immersed in the fascinating characters of Stars Hollow. However, there are a few particular fan-favorite episodes that are definitely worth an hour or two of your time — one being the Stars Hollow dance marathon episode, titled “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?,” which can be found in Season 3, Episode 7.

Not only does this episode remind us, once again, of just how awesome this town is (seriously, where’s my 24-hour dance marathon, NYC?), but it also allows us to see a majority of the cast interact together. One-on-one scenes are all well and good, but the true comedic gold of this show shines through when these wacky personalities are all under one roof. (Admit it, those town meeting scenes are downright hilarious.) So when you throw dancing into the mix, it’s bound to be a rip-roaring good time. But regardless of whether you’ve seen it once or a couple (hundred) dozen times, this is hands down one of the best episodes of the season — possibly even the series. And here’s why.

There’s a Ton of Dancing

As I mentioned earlier, the majority of the episode centers around an annual dance marathon put on by the town for charity. So obviously, quite a bit of dancing is involved, especially since Lorelai is desperate to win and break Kirk’s longtime winning streak, which is why she enlists Rory as her dance partner. Sookie and Jackson are also in attendance, as are Miss Patty, Kirk, Lane, Dean, Babette, and Taylor (who, of course, runs the event). Plus many more! Even Luke is off on the sidelines handing out coffee and being as dreamy as ever. I mean, what’s not to love? (Fun fact: the title of this episode is a nod to the 1969 film They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, which focuses on a group of characters desperate to win a dance marathon. Sound familiar?)

Dean & Rory Break Up

As sad as it was to see Rory go through the pains of her first break-up, it paved the way for allowing Jess (aka, Rory’s true soulmate) to step in and get the girl. It marks the start of a whole new romance — and one fans were more than ready to dive headfirst into.

Luke & Lorelai Share a Cinderella-esque Moment

Sure, it may not involve horse-drawn carriages, fairy godmothers, and glass slippers, but when the heel of Lorelai’s shoe breaks during the final hour of the dance competition, Luke is right there to come to her rescue. While they sit, Luke subtly hints to Lorelai that even though he acts like the thought of having kids repulses him, he’d actually be up for having one if the right person came along. (Hint, hint. Wink, wink.) Who needs a prince when you have a handsome, backwards-baseball-cap-wearing, diner owner at your disposal? Prepare to swoon over Luke Danes all over again.

Did I Mention There Was Dancing?

Bless you, Kirk. Bless you.

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