Ashley Tisdale Is The Latest Celeb To Go Purple

Purple is the celeb hair color of 2014. It's pretty obvious that purple hair is a celeb hair trend that will never, ever die. At least not anytime soon. The newly married (in secret and on a Monday of all days) singer and former High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale dyed her hair purple after her wedding, following a long line of violet ladies. Nicole Richie has been purple. So has Demi Lovato, Raven-Symone, and Kelly Osbourne. The Tiz, who stole our hearts with her portrayal of bratty and thoroughly blonde Sharpay Evans on HSM, rocked her lavender locks in the most amaze messy topknot.

Tisdale, who married musician Christopher French last month, looks like such a punk rocker with her effortlessly disheveled bun, which is turned up courtesy of some purple streaking. However, Tisdale also shared another photo with a similar do, but her hair looked much more blue in that one.

Here she is with her newly purple locks. Don't you wish your hair looked this effortlessly good in a messy bun? Miley Cyrus used to be a master of this look before she got her pixie chop, and the torch has evidently been passed to Tisdale.

The light purple color totally suits her. Those eyes! You can tell she knows she looks cute and quirky with this do.

The puckered-up Tisdale also shared a photo of what looks like a full head of blue strands. Perhaps it was the lighting, or maybe a temporary pit stop on her way to purple. She posted both photos on the same day, so it's all very recent.

Who cares about the timeline, though? The Tiz looks adorbs with her rainbow-hair hues.

Images: Ashley Tisdale/Instagram