Unexpected Hair Crush: The Nervo Twins

If you had a statuesque blonde twin sister, wouldn't you start a world-famous DJ duo, too? Australian twins Miriam and Olivia Nervo are blowing up these days: They put in their time songwriting, snagging David Guetta and Kelly Rowland a Grammy for "When Love Takes Over." They signed with Covergirl in 2012, and are now becoming one of the most in-demand electronic dance music DJ duos on the globe, opening for stars like Britney Spears and getting celebrities to dance at Sunday's VMAs.

But can we talk about their hair for a second? Whether your vibe is short and punky or folk-singer long, there's a Nervo sister to inspire you.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

1. Color: This type of shimmering golden blonde is best left up to the pros. Take a photo of Nervo to your most trusted hairstylist and ask them to transform you. To prepare for the damaging effects of bleach, wash your hair as little as possible for a week or two beforehand, and throw in some deep conditioning treatments before and after the color change. Both sisters use Moroccan Oil to keep their bleached locks hydrated.

2. Cut: If you want Liv's long, silky tresses, take a pair of scissors to your own bangs and snip them off as bluntly as possible. Leave the rest of your hair one length, like Alexander Wang's inspiring lob. For Mim's peackocky pixie, ask your hairstylist for a long pixie on top — long enough to tie up into a tiny ponytail on the top of your head, as Mim sometimes does. Shave off the sides and the back. (Too extreme? You can pull off a mini-Mim with a pixie that's slightly longer on top, enough to sweep back into a faux-hawk.)

3. Style: For Liv's look, rake a little texturizing product through the lower half of your hair. While you air dry, move/touch your hair as little as possible so that it doesn't frizz up. You can also throw your hair in a loose bun as it dries — the point is to create a few soft bends and kinks. Once your hair is dry, dab the tiniest bit of shine serum onto the ends of your fingers and smooth through your locks for that Nervo shine.

For Mim's look, you'll need hairspray. Mega hairspray. Depending on the length of your chop, you may be able to rake your hair back with your fingers as it dries, keeping it in place with smear of sculpting product. Once it's dry, finish off with a shellac of hairspray. Longer pixies like Mim's will require some blow-drying to hold in place (flip your head upside-down as you blow dry your hair straight up). Mim told Sophisticate Hairstyle Guide that she loves Fat Hair "0" Calories Amplifying Hair Spray.

4. Finishing touches: Inky cat-eye makeup, statement nails, and a pair of headphones around your neck.