What Are Madeline & Louise from 'Gilmore Girls' Up to Now?

With Gilmore Girls royalty Liza Weil popping up on How to Get Away with Murder, seemingly playing a version of Paris Gellar who grew up and got a colorist, you have to wonder what happened to Madeline (Shelly Cole) and Louise (Teal Redmann), her old Chilton pals/lackeys/frenemies. Are their future selves on Revenge or something now?

Madeline and Louise's most notable episode will always be "Concert Interruptus," when Lorelai, the coolest of the cool moms, takes the four newly minted non-enemies to a Bangles concert, only to have Madeline and Louise sneak away with two *collective gasp* college guys. Of course, that put them right back on Lorelai Sr. and Jr.'s blacklist, but it bonded Rory and Paris just enough to make Paris stop trying to dip Rory's hair in ink all the time. (Probably most notable about Madeline and Louise though, was that it always seemed like their names should have been switched.)

Yes, Madeline and Louise represented everything Rory and Paris weren't, but ultimately, they weren't much worse off for it — I bet Louise never got arrested for stealing a yacht. I always appreciated that smart girls were lifted up on Gilmore Girls , but their flaws were featured just as much as girls' who preferred to go an dates rather than study. The judgments flew fast and free from all angles on Gilmore Girls. Madeline and Louise were just different girls with different goals who still managed to get into the same school and, apparently, make good enough grades to graduate right beside Rory and Paris.

Sure, last we saw Louise, she was dropping out of Tulane to stay on Spring Break forever, and Madeline had already dropped out of college, but they were also busy showing Rory and Paris how to relax and have a good time after running into them on Spring Break. Stay in your lane, you know? Let's look at what kind of fun Redmann and Cole are having these days...

B.G.G. (Before Gilmore Girls)

If there was such a time before Gilmore Girls, I can hardly remember it, but Cole and Redmann's earliest acting experiences were more D.G.G., during Gilmore Girls. The show began in 2000 when Cole was 25 and Redmann was 18. Redmann had only appeared in an episode of MTV's Undressed (which has hopefully been wiped from your mind) and a TV movie, Chameleon 3: Dark Angel, where she apparently played Dr. Tess Adkins. During her recurring role on Gilmore Girls though, she went on to appear in the excellent Disney Channel movie, Double Teamed, where she was a brunette, and two actresses who looked nothing alike played twins. Meanwhile, Cole and her bangs hit up all the essential early 2000s procedural guest spots: ER, Boston Public, and NYPD Blue.

Crime Shows

Between the two of them, following their final spin on Gilmore Girls, Redmann and Cole have made the crime show rounds on Cold Case, CSI: NY, NCIS, Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. And Monk, but I'm not sure if that counts. Neither actress has really stuck with recurrent television acting, but Redmann did take over the role of Ellie Brass, Captain Jim Brass' prostitute step-daughter on CSI in Season 5. Needless to say, they have a tense relationship.

Madeline is a director

Redmann mostly stopped acting about a decade ago, except to occasionally return to CSI to play Ellie Brass, but Cole has stuck around show businesses doing all sorts of things, most recently, directing an independent horror film called Body Keepers that follows a group of Colorado teenagers who find a dead body and awaken an evil entity. Well, that never happened on Gilmore Girls.

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